OMG RECORDS AND MUSIC, LLC offers full distribution in partner with Empire Distribution and the tools to execute a successful projects. Our packages are tailored made to fit the needs of a Independent Artist or Record Labels seeking a distribution deal to distribute their own music. We also offer excellent entertainment consultancy and other various services that are essential to an artist or label.

We are a standout Entertainment group, working in project management, strategic partnership, publishing, media, events and marketing for the last 20 years combined. Our team has extensive experience in handling label infrastructure, public relations, artist management, production, and social media. In addittion, we specialize product launches, music, video placements and much more. Our longstanding contacts in entertainment, hard work and strategic partnerships are our strongest assets.

We accept ready to go completely Mix and Mastered Projects, Seasoned Artist or Independent Labels who are ready to take their career or business to the next level . We are one of the most forward-thinking entertainment group that you would want to work with in the industry.

OMG RECORDS & MUSIC, LLC distribution will include
WORLDWIDE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION to 232 Territories, including these

Major stores:​


What We Offer

Video Distribution​​ 

We offer video distribution to go along with your music being distributed. The mass exposure you get from being on MTV, BET, REVOLT, Music Choice and hundreds of other music video shows is what will expose your music to millions of fans, and drive those fans to find you on your social internet sites. When you see your music react on the National and Regional video shows, video pools and internet blogs we promote, you will see increase traffic and views from REAL fans to your internet sites. It is breaking through on these playlists that sets you apart from ordinary YouTube uploads. Remember, a viral video is driven essential by word of mouth. Nothing forces anyone to find and click any video. It is that someone vouched for the video that make a person look for and click a link. Where does that interest and spark come from? The exposure we get your video on REAL video outlets.
• Secure airplay and features on music playlists, websites or blogs
• Duplication, Closed Captioning and Full Production and Promotion
• Promotional Campaign options of 8 or 4 weeks - with weekly tracking reports
• Distribution to over 750 video platforms
• Submission to all programming meetings
• Submission to MTV, BET, JAMS, BET “HER” FUSE, REVOLT, CMT, Music Choice, many more…
• International airplay- MUCH MUSIC, MTV LATIN AMERICA, STINGRAY, VIVA, MTV VOD, many more.......
• Distribution to hundreds of National and Regional broadcast and cable video shows
• Posts and features on hundreds of Internet Music Websites and music blogs
• Airplay on RETAIL & DJ Video Pools, exposure in retail stores, malls, clubs, casinos, more
• Press release blasts to thousands of industry contacts, press, websites and music blogs
• Social Media Marketing / Tweet and engage your social media outlets
• Correctly set up on your OWN OFFICIAL YouTube 

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