OMG RECORDS AND MUSIC, LLC is based out of Las Vegas.  OMG offers full distribution in partner with Empire Distribution and the tools to execute a successful projects. Our packages are tailored made to fit the needs of a Independent Artist or Record Labels seeking a distribution deal to distribute their own music.

We also offer excellent entertainment consultancy and other various services that are essential to an artist or label. We offer you a team of the best Music Producers and Promoters of live Tours and Events from the West  to the  East coast. Our shows are very diverse. We highlight Artists from all  spectrums of the entertainment community.

Over the years, we have worked on everything from Hip Hop to R&B, Gospel, Comedy, Jazz, Country. We have a Catalogue of Artists from all genres and don't discriminate. If your music is great we are interested in working with you!

We are one of the most forward-thinking and Fan-friendly Record Label & Concert Promoters that you would ever work with in the Industry.  We keep the emotions attached to the live stage performances, both for Fans and Performers. 

Many clients have told us that we offer the best combination of Concert Promotions, the best sound quality, great pricing and professsional services of any entertainment company. We hope you will give us an opportunity to do the same for you and your project.

We are a standout Entertainment group, working in project management, strategic partnership, publishing, media, events and marketing for the last 20 years combined. Our team has extensive experience in handling label
infrastructure, public relations, artist management, production, and social media.

In addition, we specialize product launches, music, video placements and much more. Our longstanding contacts in entertainment, hard work and strategic partnerships are our strongest assets.